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Build a professional profile

In order to become successful at Instagram marketing, you need to take care of all fundamental factors such as username, name, profile image, bio, CTA and so on. That’s why during this section we will focus on all of the fundamental factors. If you can get them right, you have made the very first step to have a successful marketing on Instagram.

But before we start to build a professional profile I want you to follow some of the best and most successful pages in Instagram marketing. Some people get this wrong and they will start to look at pages with high amount of followers. The main difference here is that people who are doing a great job at Instagram Marketing, they started their page from scratch and brought it up from mostly Instagram marketing comparing to the other pages which have a huge amount of followers but their traffic came from some where else.

Successful Profiles in Marketing

After you followed the pages above, think about your topic and look for some successful pages in you niche. Look at what they are doing in the market and how you can use some of their techniques in your own page. You can sometimes find good ideas from you competitor’s page.


Username or handle is one of the most important factors to have a successful Instagram page because username will effect on SEO (search engine optimization) and people can find you post through your username in Google, that’s why it is important to select a username that is connected to your topic and goal.

Because there are tons of users active on Instagram, selecting a suitable username became a tough task. If for example you want to create a page for yourself and your name is John Smith, and you want to select johnsmith as username, it is more likely not available and you have to use different elements and different ways to select your username.

You can use some of the tips written below to find the best username for your page.

  • use “.” or “_”. ex: john.smith or john_smith
  • use initials. ex: JLO or JKRowling
  • use your niche. ex: john.designer
  • use your website domain. ex: johnsmith.com
  • use country or location. ex: nike.uk or nike.us

The best way to check the availability of your username is Instagram itself. Go to your page and select edit. Change the username and if it is not available, Instagram will give you error to change your username again.

One important tip you should remember is that your username must be as simple as possible. If people look at your username for 3-5sec and can’t read it, you are doing it the wrong way. As an example of a bad username is Jim Parsons page. I am one of his great fans but sadly every time I am looking for his page I can’t find it because I don’t remember what did he wrote as his username, which is “therealjimparsons”. Because there is no space in his username it is very hard to read and remember it.


Selecting a name is much simpler and easier than selecting a username, there is no limit and you choose what ever you like. Some people select their profession or niche, some select their name or brand name. You are also able to use capital letter in your name. As an example in my page, my username is “pouya_eti” and my name is “Pouya Eti”.

Name doesn’t have any effect on SEO and it is just visible in your page. If you request Instagram to give you approved page mark, it will appear next to your name.

Profile Image

Profile image must be simple and easily understandable for people. If your page is person focused you can upload an image of your portrait close to your face, and if your page is company focused I strongly suggest to select brand logo or and icon familiar to people.

You can take a look at some of the successful pages on Instagram listed below and how they selected their profile image.

Person focused:

Company focused:


Biography is what people will see under your image and name, you have the ability to write text and use emoji. Same as other places in Instagram links doesn’t work in this area. The most important tip which you should consider here is to use the bio to sell your Instagram account not your products (means use it to convince people to follow you not redirect them to other sites), not at least you get to a huge amount of followers.

Write one or two lines and speak about the rewards of following your profile. Write one or two lines and explain what is your page about, what people will see or find out in your profile. The about section and reward can be the same. You can write one to two lines which represent both purposes.

The final part is to use CTA (call to action) such as, join our newsletter, buy my product, watch the final episode of, follow me and so on. The CTA part is a bit tricky because half of it is inside bio and the other half is a link you can add in your profile edit section. You should use a CTA that doesn’t seem to heavy and big for customers, so they know the value you are giving them through CTA is much more than what you want from them.

Below you can see several good examples of bio from marketing perspective.

instagram bio 1 - tai lopez

instagram bio 3 - garyvee

instagram bio 2 - zachking


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